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June 21, 2006

For Immediate Release

Indianbrook, Nova Scotia

On June 20, 2006, the family of murdered native activist, Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, learned that Canada's Justice Minister, Hon. Vic Toews, has ordered that John Graham, a.k.a., 'John Boy' Patton, be extradited to the United States to stand trial for her murder. Mr. Graham has 30 days to file an application for judicial review of the Minister's decision from the day this order for surrender was made on June 13.

This news was met on the eve of Canada's National Aboriginal Day with great anticipation and hope from Annie Mae's family and friends who, for 30 years, have waited, prayed and sought justice for Annie Mae. The decision also came on the eve of our 2nd Annual Annie Mae Aquash Traditional Mawiomi (Mi'kmaq Gathering).

"Two years ago we exhumed our mother's remains and brought her home from South Dakota to her homeland, in Mi'kmaki (land of the Mi'kmaq). Tomorrow marks the anniversary of her homecoming and reburial. Today is a very special day and the news we received today is welcomed with open hearts. We will now be able to look forward to bringing this horrific and senseless act of violence to a closure. As a family it is important to hear in a court of law what Mr. Graham has to say. We want to thank all our family and friends for the ongoing support and prayers throughout the years of seeking justice for our mother." ...Denise Maloney Pictou

In March 2003, the United States Department of Justice indicted one of two suspects, Arlo Looking Cloud, who was subsequently tried and convicted in Rapid City, S.D. of first degree murder on February 6th, 2004. John Graham was also indicted for Annie Mae's murder and was arrested in Vancouver, B. C., December 1, 2003.

In December, 2004, Graham was brought before a B. C. Supreme Court Judge for an extradition trial. On February 21, 2005, Judge Bennett ruled that Graham should be extradited to the United States for his alleged role in Annie Mae's brutal murder.

He remains out on bond with restrictions until the Justice Minister's decision on the time and place of his surrender.

Denise Maloney Pictou

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