Terry LaLiberte
Barrister and Solicitor
1190-605 Robson Street
Vancouver, B.C.
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January 30, 2004

Dear Counselor,

Re: John Graham.

In light of both your's, and your client's, recent statements, the Indigenous Women for Justice (IWJ), a US based Native women's advocacy group, invite your client, John Graham, to take a polygraph to be conducted by an independent examiner. The focus of the polygraph examination would be the murder of Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash, the crime for which your client is indicted. The IWJ commits to covering the independent examiner's costs, and agrees to discussions pertaining to a mutually convenient time and location for your client to undertake the polygraph. Being as your client insists that he is innocent of the charge for which he is indicted, and that you, yourself, appear to be convinced of his innocence, we expect to hear from you in the affirmative and look forward to making the necessary arrangements.

On a related matter, Indigenous Women for Justice respectfully request that you either retract or amend the factually inaccurate and misleading statement that was attributed to you in the press on January 29. You were quoted as saying, "There's no evidence. There's no bullets. There's no gun. There's no DNA." Dr. Garry Peterson removed a .32 caliber slug from Anna Mae's head to establish the cause of death, so clearly there is a bullet. Anna Mae's body was found fully-clothed, and forensic pathology was able to establish from traces of semen in Anna Mae's underwear that she had either had intercourse, or been raped, shortly before she was killed. We understand from witnesses that Anna Mae was raped, and we hope that the identity of the rapist will be revealed during Looking Cloud's trial, even though the statute of limitations on that felony has expired. With regards to the gun, that is a question we would ask the examiner to pose to your client during the polygraph.

If you have seen the extradition papers filed by the US for Graham's extradition hearing you should say so; if you haven't seen those documents we believe that it is irresponsible to attempt to appraise the press of the content. You should explain to the press that, under extradition treaty between the US and Canada, the US does not have to present all of the evidence against Graham, they only need to provide a summary. An extradition hearing is not a trial, and, counselor, you know that murder cases do not stand or fall on forensic evidence alone, but on a body of evidence as a whole.

The IWJ want due process and a trial to determine Graham's innocence or guilt. In the interim, we reiterate our invitation to your client to undertake a polygraph.

We are no longer silenced by fear
The Indigenous Women for Justice.

Contact: Marley Shebala (Navajo/Zuni)


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