And we are grateful to all who have offered their words or their prayers to
help us fight for justice for Annie Mae Aquash.
Whether speaking from the spotlight or the shadows, from this continent
or distant shores, our commonality is the quest for truth.

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The Family of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash [Sent to the IWJ on 2.4.04]:

...would like to acknowledge, the commitment and sacrifices made by those people in their efforts to reveal the tragic truth in our mother's murder. Their persistence and selfless efforts in their quest for justice have resulted in a guilty verdict earlier today and will forever be acknowledged and honored by our mother's family and nation. The news of a conviction was bittersweet as we, her family, had just returned home from the trial in Rapid City. We are hopeful and optimistic that this is the first step in achieving justice for our mother and revealing the whole story including those events that led up to her death.

M'sit Nokamaq,
Denise Maloney Pictou
Deborah Maloney Pictou

John Trudell [Given to the IWJ on 2.4.04] :

The conviction of Arlo Looking Cloud is a step in the right direction. John Boy could help further a just solution to this case regarding the murder of Annie Mae Pictou by giving the names of the people in that house in Rosebud.

Tuma Young - spokesperson/helper for the Pictou family:

Kwe' Indigenous Women for Justice

I want to say "Meskik Wela'li'oq." A very big thank you for your support. I have been helping the daughters and sisters of Anna Mae by monitoring the bail hearings and the upcoming extradition hearing for the family. It has been difficult at times having to endure the feeling that everyone else is so concerned for the rights of Mr. Graham while it seemed that no one cared about justice for Anna Mae.

We have been saying that this case is about the kidnapping, rape and murder of Anna Mae and that the focus should be on that (along with the larger issue of Matricide-the killing of women by men).

You do not know how wonderful your support means to me and to the family of Anna Mae. I now no longer feel so alone out here in Vancouver.

Wela'li'oq for your strength, courage and support.

Vedruna Carmelite Sisters of Charity, India :

Dear sisters,

We, the Vedruna Carmelite Sisters of Charity, of India, support your claims whole-heartedly. The truth will triumph one day. We shall overcome!

With you in your struggle for justice and freedom.

Vedruna Sisters, India (We number around 200)

Arigon Starr - Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma, Actress, Grammy nominated musician and 'Nammy' winning singer :

I wonder if this had been a prominent male member of the American Indian Movement that had been murdered -- would this case have gone unsolved for so long?

I applaud the Indigenous Women for Justice for demanding justice for Anna Mae's family. They deserve closure.

John Dacajeweiah/Splitting the Sky Hill :

Dear Friends,

I am a long time native activist and want you to know that I hope to see the killers of Anna Mae Aquash Pictou brought into the light for all to see. As a member of the Mohawk Nation and a genuine man I completely admonish violence against women and children and consider Anna Maes death as the ruthless act of cowards.

I will hold any further comments until later but just want you all to know that I stand in solidarity with your efforts.

Leona Buckman, Arapaho teacher historian and Elder :

I remember how it was like a war back then, and I sent food to help the people at Wounded Knee, but I add my name to the Indigenous Women for Justice's call for John Graham to take a polygraph test. The truth should be told for Annie Mae.

Karen L. Testerman - Oglala/Hunkpapa Journalist :

Dear Sisters,

I wanted to submit my support to IWJ. I feel it is important that John Graham be extradited and stand trial just as Arlo Looking Cloud has done. If John is truly innocent, it will come out in his trial. I personally feel that he and his defense supporters should stand by his claim of innocence and push for his extradition to prove it once and for all. I also encourage him to take the polygraph test. He should have nothing to fear about its outcome. Besides, it would not be admissable in court anyway, it would only prove his conviction or innocence.

Sisters, I support you :

I write to say that your work is invaluable and it may have a ripple effect in unraveling some of the other tragic AIM related deaths and mysteries surrounding them. While I personally did not know Anna Mae, I did happen to meet with her briefly, probably in 1970 or thereabouts.

AIM has been romantisized, sometimes sensationalized and like any other group, unfortunately afflicted with its own share or more of social misfits and criminals who exploited the movement rather than support or promote it. Because of this unholy factor we have suffered many sacrificial lambs and tolerated lies while denying truth to emerge. I met one of Anna's daughters (she is the RCMP officer) with her father years ago at the Union of BC Indian Chiefs for whom I have had the privilege of working many times. I was struck by her vitality, intelligence, and her power of knowing who she was. I pray that she and her sister will finally have some resolution in the cruel loss of their mother Anna Mae.

I wish you every success in bringing the cleansing and healing that not only Anna Mae and her daughters and family need but that we all need, for as long as truth is corrupted so shall our communities be. Only when those responsible for Anna Mae's brutal death are brought kicking and screaming or voluntarily to accountability can the demystification and purification of Anna Mae begin. Her killers have weaved a fabric of lies that will unfold and everyone of them must be exposed, everyone of them that conspired, participated directly or indirectly must face the consequences of the evil that they perpetrated and continue to perpetuate.

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the Indigenous Women for Justice